City Report 5: Tori no Ichi


Tori no Ichi has been celebrated every year at Kashiwa Katori Jinja Shrine since 1963. If you want to enjoy that matsuri (festival) feeling outside of the regular season, Tori no Ichi is worth a visit.The highlight at the festival is, without a doubt, the incredibly intricate Kumade (Bear Hands). According to legends, decorating a house or an office with these Kumade will bring you wealth and success. A Kumade for private use is affordable, while the bigger ones for offices and companies can cost up to 3000 USD.

Apart from getting a Kumade, visitors can eat and drink delicious yakitori, takoyaki, and beer.

The staff arrived at 9 am and stayed until 10 pm, even though the festival itself ends at 8 pm. After the cleanup, everyone celebrates another successful year of the festival with some drinks and food. The real party starts at night.

The shrine is small, but beautiful. People who visit Tori no Ichi also pay their respects by praying to the gods and offering some money.

If you want to connect with Kashiwa locals, this might be a good opportunity.

Date of coverage: November 8th 2019

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Coverage・Writing・Pictures:Malte Detjens

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